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The Simple, Self Installed Shed Alarm that Protects the Contents of Your Shed, Garage, Home or Lock-up. For Just £19.95!

“There is an Average of 22,500 Shed Burglaries Every Year”


“60+ Sheds alone are Burgled Every Day in the UK”


“Bikes, Lawnmowers & Power Tools are the Most Stolen Items”


Why Get Shedolarm?


Notifies You of a Break in Attempt Before the Damage is Done

Piercing siren alerts you to an attempted break-in before the shed is entered.

Deter a Would Be Thief

With Alert notes prior to main siren.
shed alarm bell

Stop a Thief Fast!

Huge, piercing siren activated at first sign of break-in.

Do Away with False Alarms

You control the sensitivity, stops wind activation.

Install in Under 1 Minute

No tools required.


Waterproof and Weatherproof.

FREE Batteries

Up to 6 months battery life (standard AAA).

Money Back Guarantee

We’re confident, need we say more!
shed alarm whats in the box

What’s in the Box?

1 x Audible Shed Alarm Door/Window Sensor
1 x Control Key Fob
1 x Strong Mounting Pad
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Handy Zip-tie
3 x FREE Batteries
With 60+ sheds alone broken into every day in the UK, don’t let your shed become the next easy picking for a would be thief.
Unlike other less effective shed alarm systems, Shedolarm notifies you instantly of a break in before the damage is done to your shed.
Most shed alarm systems such as door contacts and movement sensors (PIRs) require a thief to smash a door or window and enter the shed before they even know its alarmed, at which point the damage is done and the goods have been stolen!
Shedolarm is the ultimate deterrent to a thief. As soon as they attempt to try the door or window to see if its locked, a huge, piercing alarm notifies you that there is an attempted break-in.
Shedolarm effectively shocks the thief into trying an easier, non protected shed in someone else’s garden, before the damage is done.
Protect your bikes, lawnmowers, power tools or anything else you store in your shed effectively and affordably with Shedolarm