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Battery low alarm indicator
With normal usage the audible alarm unit lasts min 90 days and on standby the average is 6 months ( 3 x AAA battery). As lithium batteries are less susceptible to cold weather drainage, we recommend if possible to upgrade to rechargeable lithium batteries when the initial batteries supplied with the units have been spent.
The key fob for the audible alarm unit, with normal usage 5 times a day, lasts more than one year (12V/27A alkaline battery). When the batteries are running low on the audible alarm units then a weak ‘Du Du’ sound will be generated when you arm or disarm the units to advise the batteries should be replaced.
To indicate the audible alarm batteries are running low and need replacing a weak ‘Du, Du’ (2 times) sound will be emitted when pressing the Arm or Disarm button. In this instance the batteries should be changed ASAP otherwise the arm may fail to operate.
When the remote control batteries are running low and need replacing the light around the Arm button (1st, round,Padlock image) will become dim or fail to light. Alternatively if the operating distance between the Audible alarm and the remote control become shorter, then either instances indicates the batteries in the remote control need replacing ASAP. Please ensure all batteries are replaced as and when necessary to ensure the alarm fully functions correctly.
NB When changing the batteries in the audible alarm unit , the sensitivity and volume settings should have been saved, however we recommend checking full functionality just in case especially if additional fob/remotes or audible alarms have been added.

Changing the batteries. Remove small screw to the base of unit. Find a small slotted screw driver the nearest width of one of the small indents either side of the screw hole. Insert the head of the slotted screw driver into one of the slots, either side of the screw hole. Turn the screw driver sharply left or right. The casing should partially pop open, then pull away front from back. Once the batteries have been replaced (advised not to use, low powered, cheap batteries as this can affect the overall performance of the unit), simply clip the front of the case back onto the back unit and replace the retaining screw