Multiple Alarm Fobs

Linking Siren or Fobs

Here at shedolarm we recognise that in many instances users will buy multiple Shedolarm alarm units to protect their sheds/lockups and in doing so are unlikely to want to carry multiple key fob/remotes to switch the alarm units on/off. Although each Shedolarm unit is supplied with its own fob/remote (when multiple alarms are purchased) the additional fob/remotes are intended to act as spares or should multiple users wish to be able to turn the Alarms on/off then they can do so with the additional fob/remotes. With the latter in mind the Shedolarm fob/remotes, as well as the audible alarms, can be linked to individual fob/remote controls. In addition and visa versa, singular alarm units can be added to multiple fob/remotes. Please see below your linking options:-
Adding remote controls to the Audible alarm/ Adding Fobs to Audible alarms
1. The remote control issued with your audible alarm should be already linked correctly to one another, however if this has had to be replaced follow these set up rules. Remove the batteries from the audible alarm you are wishing to add fob/remote to for at least 30 seconds and then replace into the unit. Press and hold the SOS/Bell key (4th down, rectangle, bell logo) to enter into the ‘adding a remote’ mode. Hold down and wait for the audible alarm unit emits a ‘Bi’ (one beep) sound then press the Arm button (top round, full padlock image), this should then emit a ‘Bi,Bi’ (2 beeps) sound, this will indicate the new remote has been paired with the audible alarm and is ready to use. NB If linking to multiple audible alarms etc best practice is also to remove battery from original audible alarm prior to set up also.
2. To add an additional remote control to the same audible alarm unit. Press the old remote control’s Disarm button (2nd down, rectangular, open padlock image) once to disarm the alarm. Then on the same (old) remote controls SOS/Bell (4th down, rectangular,bell image) press and hold the button once to emit a ‘Bi’ (one beep) sound. Then on the new remote control press the Arm button (1st, round, Padlock image) unit the audible unit emits a ‘Bi,Bi'(2 beeps) sound. The new remote control should then also be linked to the audible alarm (max new remotes is 8)
Removing remote control from Audible alarm
1. Caution should be used when using this function. First ensure the audible alarm had been Disarmed. Then press and hold the SOS/Bell button (4th down, rectangular, Bell image) on the remote control you wish to remove. After the audible alarm emits a ‘Bi’ (one beep) sound press the ringtone change button (third down, rectangular, lightning image) and the audible alarm should emit a ‘Bi,Bi,Bi’ (3 beeps) sound. The remote should then be removed from operating the audible alarm.